Before you create a ticket please read below information:
- I do not offer free modifications.
- I do not offer free prestashop lessons.
- Each modification is different and if you wish me to quote it please provide me as detailed description as you can.
- Make sure you do have the latest theme version (you can check it in your changelog.txt file) becouse every new update contains some fixes and improvements.
- If you want to make some changes on your own, for example in css files than create a separate css file with your code. It's becouse you will loose your changes after theme upgrade.
- If you think it might be usefull (or is needed) than provide me your FTP and back office details, it will boost my response.

Current theme versions:
Millenium - 3.8 (from 27.03.2015)
ZENsation - 2.7 (from 27.01.2015)
INFINITY - 1.5 (from 28.01.2015)
LION - 1.3 (from 07.08.2015)

polcoder team